Spring is Time for Motorcycle Accidents

You can ask any experienced personal injury lawyer when motorcycle accidents most often take place. I guarantee you the response will be, “In the spring, of course. That’s when no one is looking for motorcycles.”

Of course as a motorcycle rider, you know all too well, most motorcycle accidents occur in the spring.

One Personal Injury Lawyer’s Perspective on a Motorcycle Accident:

On a personal note, one of the worst motorcycle-pickup truck collision cases I ever had involved an experienced, able rider taking his motorcycle out of the garage on the first warm day in April to go get the annual state inspection on his bike. He was sitting at a red light, waiting for it to change, when he was rear-ended on his gorgeous Harley and flung up backwards onto the hood of a large Power Ram, or similar heavy-duty pickup, which caused him to sustain a very unstable broken neck. The back of his helmet was streaked and scratched with the paint color of the truck, and his motorcycle was laid down, strewn across the intersection.

My client was hospitalized for weeks, then when he was released he had to wear a metal halo screwed into his head, which rested on his shoulders. He called it, with his usual good sense of humor, the “barstool,” because that’s what it looked like sitting up in the air over his head. He slept with it on, showered with it on, ate with it on, etc., until it was surgically removed several months later.

I haven’t heard anything bad from him since, and I hope not to again — ever.

The Most Common Form of Motorcycle Collision?

And what’s the most common motorcycle accident? As a personal injury lawyer knows, it’s the “left-turn-in-front of” collision. If you ride a motorcycle, see if this fact-pattern is familiar:  You slow down at an intersection, intending to turn left. You have your headlight on, and your left turn signal on. You’re certain that car coming straight in the opposite lane can see you, and that you have plenty of time to turn — so you begin to execute a fully proper, lawful left hand turn.

And the car approaching you in the other lane from the opposite direction does not slow down. And you realize with a lump in your throat that the driver doesn’t see you turning. And there’s nowhere for you to go. Your motorcycle is hit head-on by the approaching car.

If you survive, you’ll always hear the other driver telling the police at the scene:  “I never saw the motorcycle, officer. He wasn’t there! I’m sure he was speeding, he just appeared, came out of nowhere! You know how motorcycle riders are…”

You do know how most motorcycle riders are:  more careful than ordinary drivers of cars and trucks. Because your life depends on your care and ability to properly operate a motorcycle, and your steadfast awareness of what’s “supposed” to happen around you.

How Can Automobile Drivers Avoid a Motorcycle Accident?

Most collisions are avoidable – especially motor vehicle collisions. That’s one thing I’ve learned after practicing personal injury law for over 20 years. If drivers slow down, take their time, look around, use their heads and, as we say in our business, “see what’s there to be seen,” a large percentage of motor vehicle injury claims would be avoided.

This is especially true for operators of cars and trucks operating around motorcycles.

So when you, as an experienced, able rider, take your motorcycle out of the garage on the first warm day this spring to get that annual state inspection or the first ride in, you’ll know that the drivers of the other cars and trucks on the road with you are obligated to be aware of your presence, and they must take the necessary precautions to ensure you enjoy a safe ride on your cycle.

If You Are Ever Injured in a Motorcycle Accident:

If you are injured on your motorcycle through the negligence of another vehicle operator on the road, call us first at the law firm of Greene & Reid. We’ve obtained successful financial recoveries for injured motorcyclists for many years. We can help you navigate the complexities of a personal injury claim as a cycle rider. You should not have to suffer because a car or truck operator was negligent and didn’t see you, when you were clearly there to be seen.

 Because motorcycles own their piece of the road, too.

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