syracuse-birth-injury-lawyerMany times birth defects or diseases are natural occurrences, but things sometimes go wrong, mistakes are made, and irreparable injury is done to a child in a way that causes lifelong effects on their standard of life. Birth injuries can also have lifelong effects on families, often requiring constant care, expensive medical equipment. Birth injuries can sometimes cause cerebral or Erb’s palsy. Greene & Reid understands that an injury lawsuit won’t undo the damage that has been done. However, compensation for birth injuries can ease the financial burden that comes with medical bills, expensive medical equipment, and can even compensate for pain and suffering.

It can be difficult to find answers and be certain of the future when dealing with the effects of birth defects. Allow the experience of Green & Reid’s caring attorneys to help you properly prepare for the possible financial burdens of lifelong care costs and corrective medical procedures.

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