Providing for other in a selfless manner is the very nature of military service members. Servicemen and women personify the definition of a hero. Because of the continued sacrifice of these brave men and women who defend the liberties and peace we enjoy each day, we are able to have the opportunities to pursue our dreams and become the individuals we know we can become. But there are heroes behind the scenes. The families of our military heroes sacrifice for our freedoms as well. The greatest measure of respect we can bestow upon a fallen hero is to support that soldier’s family.

At every moment, there are countless people worldwide, fighting for a chance to have a fraction of the liberties we often take for granted.

-Major Dan Rooney founder of the Folds of Honor Foundation

Greene & Reid supports the efforts and self-sacrifice of our brave soldiers by donating to the Folds of Honor Foundation. The Folds of Honor Foundation salutes the sacrifice of fallen and disabled service members by ensuring their families are not left behind. Through scholarships and other assistance, they provide healing and hope to these families and seek to rally the nation in support of those who have served and sacrificed for our country experience.

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