The Assumption Food Pantry on Syracuse’s North Side is in dire straits and may not be able to help out the hundreds of families it serves. The pantry needs thousands of dollars so it doesn’t have to close at the end of the year.

The Assumption Food Pantry is located on North Salina Street in Syracuse. Just three years ago, 135 families were registered to receive food each month but has grown to now serve 900 families. If the pantry can’t stay open, all 900 families would be without the help they rely on.

The food pantry offers a daily sandwich program, which offers a free bag lunch to anyone who walks in the door, regardless of need. They see this as a way to meet an immediate need in people’s lives.The food pantry is one of the oldest in Central New York and has been helping the needy since the 1860’s. The increased need is straining the pantry’s supplies and budget. Without immediate help, Spano says the pantry will have to shut down at the end of the year. “We have been a part of the Syracuse community for over 25 years. We understand there are many wonderful charitable organizations, but on top of giving back, we wanted to contribute to our community too; the people we see every day trying to make ends meet the same way we all are.” Says James E. Reid, partner at Greene & Reid, PLLC.

A little more about the Assumption Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen

Located on the ground floor of the Parish Center, Assumption’s Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen is sustained by a group of 90 volunteers, as well as contributions from the Syracuse University Alibrandi Catholic Center and local parishes including Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Agnes, St. Ann’s and Sacred heart. The scope of the Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen is not the only thing that sets it apart from many other comparable services; volunteers add an element of spirituality to their charitable work each day through quiet, spiritual reflection.
Though the food pantry and soup kitchen is supported in part by federal grants, the majority of funding comes from private donations including Nichol’s, Tops and Wegmans groceries. Food stock comes primarily from the Food Bank of Central New York.

The Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen’s Daily Sandwich Program is unique. It offers a free bag lunch to anyone who comes to the door; no questions asked. Clients do not have to register, and do not have to reside in a specific geographic area. The goal of the program is to quell hunger in the most immediate and effective way possible. As a result of its accessibility, the Daily Sandwich Program hands out an epic number of sandwiches — between 7,500 and 12,000 per month.

Assumption Food Pantry

This more traditional program is funded by three separate federal grants, provides families with food each month to prevent hunger, and serves many additional families who may be in crisis. The Food Pantry accommodates a prescribed geographic area as designated by the Inter-Religious Food Consortium. Parcels are distributed in quantities based on number of dependents. Clients must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for the program, and register in advance.

The Assumption Church | Food Pantry

What Can You Do To Help?

Assumption Soup Kitchen & Food Pantry encourage you to help the hungry on Syracuse’s North Side by donating through their Virtual Aid Drive. Through this internet-based solution, you will be able to make monetary donations so that they can purchase the exact items they need.

Why use the Virtual Aid Drive? The answer is simple – to get more goods to those in need than through traditional food drives.

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