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Arthur M. Greene and James E. Reid Announce Opening of Advocate’s Forum, Inc., for Mediation and Arbitration Services
MARCH 15, 2003

Attorneys Arthur M. Greene and James E. Reid announced the creation and opening of Advocate’s Forum, Inc., which provides Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services in the Syracuse and Central New York region.

The ADR process is an important new legal trend that is rapidly gaining popularity as an efficient, cost-effective option to lengthy trials and court battles. As today’s court system struggles to cope with unprecedented case loads and overflowing dockets, leading litigators find the arbitration and mediation processes of ADR an effective alternative.

Arbitration brings opposing parties together to place their dispute before an impartial person who is mutually accepted by the litigants. The arbiter hears both arguments, then delivers a binding, confidential judgment in a timely fashion.

Mediation involves the selection of a neutral party mutually-agreeable to the litigants, whose job it is to find common ground and bring about a peaceful, binding, confidential settlement.

Advocate’s Forum, Inc., offers a long list of highly-respected lawyers, jurists and qualified business leaders available to be arbitrators or mediators in the Syracuse and Central New York area for a broad range of cases — including personal injury actions, contract disputes, insurance claims, and business transactions. Over the past three years alone, mediators now affiliated with Advocate’s Forum, Inc., have helped resolve more than 200 cases.

In addition, to promote the best possible resolution of each case, Advocate’s Forum, Inc., has constructed an impressive, high-tech courtroom-style facility. This custom-designed arbitration room features familiar courtroom seating and décor, enhanced by dataports, internet connections, and audio/visual support systems. Joined with the comfortable mediation conference room, Advocate’s Forum, Inc., offers unique, unparalleled physical resources for the arbitration and mediation processes.

Advocate’s Forum, Inc., welcomes all inquiries regarding the arbitration and mediation process, and its ADR facilities. Located at 173 Intrepid Lane, Syracuse, New York, 13205, Advocate’s Forum, Inc., can be reached at (315) 469-6297. Or contact or visit Advocate’s Forum, Inc., online at

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