Greene & Reid Supports the troups through the Folds of Honor Foundation

Providing for other in a selfless manner is the very nature of military service members. Servicemen and women personify the definition of a hero. Because of the continued sacrifice of these brave men and women who defend the liberties and peace we enjoy each day, we are able to have the opportunities to pursue our dreams and become the individuals we know we can become. But there are heroes behind the scenes. The families of our military heroes sacrifice for our freedoms as well. The greatest measure of respect we can bestow upon a fallen hero is to support that soldier’s family. Continue reading


How you should select an attorney to help you if you’ve been injured and why it is important.

Today, everyone routinely sees ads for lawyers on T.V.  In fact, our firm advertises.

Should you hire a lawyer based solely on the fact that they advertise on T.V., perhaps they have a slogan or a catchy, easy to remember telephone number.  Is that a reason to hire a lawyer to represent you when you have been hurt?
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The Assumption Food Pantry on Syracuse’s North Side is in dire straits and may not be able to help out the hundreds of families it serves. The pantry needs thousands of dollars so it doesn’t have to close at the end of the year.

The Assumption Food Pantry is located on North Salina Street in Syracuse. Just three years ago, 135 families were registered to receive food each month but has grown to now serve 900 families. If the pantry can’t stay open, all 900 families would be without the help they rely on.

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